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Summer health bath can actually protect the body


Summer health bath can actually protect the body

Summer health bathing can actually help the body to arrive in summer. Bathing every day is something people will do in life, but few people know the seemingly simple bath. In fact, there are many hidden secrets that can help us health care, as long as we canKnowing this problem can easily protect your health.

Many friends may have this sigh: What secrets can you hide in the bath?

Don’t worry, look down and you will know.

First, after bathing, cold water, many friends have cold and cold blood circulation and poor blood circulation, and I do not know how to solve this situation, the method is very simple, as long as we can wash the cold water after bathing, this can effectively alleviate.

Warm water can stimulate blood vessels to dilate, make blood flow more quickly, let the body heat from the inside out, and after washing the hot water, rinse with cold water, the skin pores can be stimulated and contracted quickly.The blood vessels are stimulated and beneficial to blood circulation.

Second, the elimination of edema body edema is also an annoying situation, because the various risks brought about by body edema, is not a fresh news, many friends are troubled by the symptoms of body edema, in fact, no need,Because it can help us solve this problem when we take a bath.

In order to solve the edema, when we take a bath, we soak the water on the shoulders, and through some toe flexion and extension, we will turn the ankles, bend the toes, etc., promote blood circulation, improve the symptoms of edema, and therefore cause headaches in life due to edema.Friends, may wish to do something while taking a shower.

Third, alleviate the pain of the waist and neck. Many people in modern society are sitting in front of the computer, and the time is long. It is easy to have a sore neck and neck. This symptom can be solved through bathing, because the waist and neck are sore.Because the human body does not exercise for a long time, it accumulates too much lactic acid.

If we can use a towel to heat the cervical vertebrae when we take a bath, it can help the body to better excrete creatine inside the body, so that the waist and neck pain can be easily adjusted.

In addition, if the eyes are too tired, it can be solved by the above method.

Fourth, removing the tired bath can help us relieve fatigue, but the water temperature of the bath needs to be controlled, preferably between 35 seconds and 40 seconds. This temperature is very effective for relieving nausea, because it will not let at this temperature.The heart beats too much and can also promote blood circulation, thus alleviating physical fatigue.

In addition, under this temperature, people’s body temperature will not rise too much, and after bathing, they can easily enter sleep.

At the same time, we all know that sleep is the only way to relieve fatigue, so trying to relieve fatigue does not prevent you from trying this method.

Fifth, soothing mood bathing can help us to relieve the mood. Many people in modern society are facing a lot of pressure, and these depressions will make people feel bad, and even lead to diseases in the human body. Bathing can help us to relieve our mood.Make your body healthier.

Although bathing in clear water can help us soothe our mood, adding some petals or essential oils to the water will actually have an effect, because the aroma of these items can help us better relieve nervous nerves and improve our bad mood.To make your mood better.

Sixth, to help digestion of loss of appetite, indigestion is a very common gastrointestinal problem, and in life this situation will cause many people’s health to be affected, in fact, inhaling in the bath can help us solve this problemIn particular, taking a bath one hour before a meal, combined with inhaling, can help people improve their appetite, while also enhancing their ability to digest.

Because these can help people promote the secretion of gastric juice, it can also help people improve their appetite, so friends can try it when they have indigestion or loss of appetite.

But be careful to avoid taking a bath when oversaturation is too fat.

Seven, improve constipation Secrets in the bath can help us to easily treat constipation, bathing with the palm of your hand and slowly massage clockwise, while doing massage, do a belly breathing, so you can passThe water pressure and air pressure help the veins to move and discharge the accumulated feces.

Eight, relieve pain When the body is in pain, it can be relieved by bathing, especially because of bloody pain caused by impact, and it can achieve magical effect by bathing.The part, so that the blood can be slowly opened by the water temperature, so that the pain disappears.

Nine, eliminate the cold, there are many cold in the human body, in the life of a little careless, these cold will invade the human body, causing people to suffer from diseases, especially the accumulation of joints in the cold, which will lead to joint inflammation, which is a disaster for the human body.Sexual injury, even serious, can cause people to kneel in bed, so eliminating cold is a very important thing.

Bathing can force the cold inside the body through the hot air in the water, and can also achieve the purpose of clearing blood vessels by promoting blood circulation. Therefore, when there is cold inside the body, it can be solved by bathing, especially when taking a bath.A hot towel massages the joints of the body and is more effective in removing cold.