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Exfoliating OR skin rejuvenation

Exfoliating OR skin rejuvenation

Normal skin is naturally metabolized every 28 days, but in the summer, the skin metabolism speeds up.

The waste and the old cuticle quickly accumulate, and the skin loses its delicate luster.

To make your skin smooth and supple, you must first remove aging cutin.

What’s the difference between exfoliating and peeling?

Which way should we choose to restore our skin to a healthy and bright appearance?

  Myth 1: The keratin must be removed regularly, otherwise the skin care products cannot be absorbed well.

  Fact: Not necessarily, it depends on your skin condition.

  It should be noted that if the skin is often rubbed excessively mechanically, it will easily lead to premature aging and aging of the new keratin.

Dermatologists found in outpatient clinics that a large number of girls are used to cleansing face with cotton pads or granular facial cleansers every day, or use their towels to wipe their faces back and forth all day long. If you add excessive exfoliation, it will hurt healthy skin.Required barrier protection.

  Suggestion: After washing your face, if the skin in the mirror looks red, and there is a sting when rubbing the first care product, it means that you may have been exfoliating excessively recently, you must ease the pause, or use the district maintenance method:Only for partial oil, rough local cleaning force, dry or more sensitive two can be taken slowly or not used at all.

  Myth 2: The peeling of fruit acids is very dangerous, and the skin will become sensitive and thin.

  Fact: Unless it is used in the wrong way, fruit acid can actually help the skin to remove old waste and bad surfaces, implant collagen to regenerate, and restore elasticity and brightness.

On the contrary, the most dangerous thing is to buy a set of fruit acid skin rejuvenation products, but intermittently, only use it when thought. At this time, the skin is thinned by the chemical formula, the defense force is reduced, and it is very easy to cause sensitive irritation.

  Suggestion: Use continuously and intensively according to the product manual.

It should not be too long to stay on the skin each time, and the concentration is selected at a reasonable 6%?
10%, acidity 3.

5 up and down, play a real skin effect.

Immediately after the course of treatment, excessively irritating maintenance and avoiding ultraviolet rays from the sun.

  Myth 3: You don’t need to exfoliate regularly with conditioning and maintenance products every day.

  Fact: If the skin is oily, has large pores, or has a need for targeted maintenance (want to actively improve acne, dullness, light stains, acne scars, etc.), just use “keratinase” to loosen the inter-keratinous linksAlthough the skin rejuvenation products can be gently adjusted every day to promote the surface keratin clearance metabolism, but may not be completely satisfied.

  Suggestion: The skin has the above special needs. Exfoliating, peeling, rejuvenating and other products can actually be combined with each other into a complete treatment to make the skin change.

But the way is to go to the next project after one stage is completed, not to use it immediately, and multiply to maximize the benefits instead of interlaced effects, and also reduce the stimulus.

  Myth 4: After exfoliating or exfoliating, it is best to rub the cream (liquid) to maintain it.

  Fact: Skin care products such as creams are mixed with oil and water because the blending process requires the addition of a large amount of surfactant to fuse, in fact, it is more risky for the skin during the fragile period.

Water essence products with a simpler baseline are a milder and safer choice.

  Suggestion: Just after the skin peeling with fruit acid, use water and oil to maintain the skin separately. Directly wipe the water-like essence that is purely moisturizing first, and then rub the moisturizing lotion or cream. This can avoid the effects caused by surfactants.Sensitive.

After exfoliating, it is suitable to apply a mask of vitamin C, chamomile or glycyrrhizic acid formula, which can brighten the skin and have a soothing effect.

  The face and body treat the face differently. To remove the horny face, you should clean your face first, preferably when the moisture on the face is not dry.

The force of exfoliation must be gentle, and massage slowly with a small circle, about 7-10 times in an area.

After exfoliating, rinse with water and then perform maintenance.

The most important maintenance work after exfoliating is moisturizing and sun protection. If it is sensitive skin, you should use skin care products that can help soothe before moisturizing.

The so-called exfoliating products and methods should be consistent with the facial skin.

  The body area is large, and exfoliation should be performed in different regions.

You can first classify the larger and thicker parts of the elbow / contraction / foot soles in a dry manner, that is, gently exfoliate the body before it touches the water. The exfoliating cream used for body usually containsFrosted particles, these particles will dissolve to some extent after contact with water, so the exfoliating effect is better when dry, suitable for rough parts.

After the other parts are wet with water, apply a wet compress to exfoliate.

Although the body’s skin has fatal and large parts, the strength does not have to be particularly heavy, but it is still trying to be gentle and irregular.

Body exfoliation should be performed from bottom to top, from the soles of the feet / heels / steps all the way up to the torso, and then use large areas to draw large circles and small areas to draw small circles. Be careful not to use too much force.

  After exfoliating, don’t forget to put on body lotion immediately, because the skin is the easiest to absorb active ingredients at this time, making the moisturizing effect more effective.
When applying the lotion, particularly dry areas such as the elbows and alignment points can be gently and continuously stopped in a circular motion with your fingertips.
  Who can’t exfoliate If you have any of the following conditions, don’t exfoliate.


Do not think that exfoliation can remove the skin when it is dry or exfoliating. At this time, you should do moisturizing. Exfoliating will only eliminate the skin’s self-defense, and the peeling will be more serious.


Acne with pus or inflammation is not suitable for exfoliating as long as it has acne, especially contagious pustules. It is recommended to avoid acne-prone places and never touch acne.


There are skin diseases. If there are skin diseases, avoid infection and it is not suitable for exfoliating.

For example, San Francisco.

  Exfoliating methods are different for different skin types. 1. Medium and dry skin: every two weeks, depending on the skin condition.

In areas with rough keratin and oily skin, use a cosmetic keratin cream to gently exfoliate; thinner skin and more sensitive and fragile areas are not suitable for frequent exfoliation.

  2. Medium and oily skin: Use a keratin cream that can remove aging cuticles, melanin and acne from the epidermis, apply the horny cream to thicker horny, and dry it after about one to two minutes to deep clean, soften the horny and helpEffect of nutrient reabsorption.

Remember that after exfoliating, the skin will be dry, so apply a moisturizer that balances the skin’s pH before applying a mask.

  4. Acne, facial pimples, and acne-prone skin: Wipe the exfoliating milk of seaweed on the skin, and leave the dead dead cells on the epidermis for two to three minutes.

Depending on the skin condition once or twice a week.

  5. Dark spots and freckled skin: Take a small amount of degraded emulsion rich in vitamin C and seaweed ingredients on the thicker part. After staying for one to two minutes, gently rub the rough cuticles.

After that, apply a moisturizer that balances the pH of the skin, and once every two weeks depending on the nature of the skin.

  6. Coarse pore skin: Apply exfoliating milk made from deep-sea plants on the face, and leave it on the rough horny area for about one to two minutes, then gently wipe away the rough horny skin.

It is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing part so that the melanin is not easy to gather.

Can be performed twice a week.

You can also use exfoliating milk with seaweed ingredients, which is suitable for medium-dryness.

  4 great things about exfoliating. When we take a bath, we will find that the body naturally replaces some milky white soft objects. This is the aging horny, which can be replaced by rinsing or rubbing the body during bathing.

As you age, this exfoliation process slows down, and as a result, too much keratin forms a rough, dry epidermis.

Therefore, regular exfoliation is immeasurable to maintain young skin.

  1. Remove aging dead cells of the skin, rough horny, can make the skin appear delicate and smooth texture.

  2. At the same time of exfoliating, it can remove the black and yellow pigment covered by the skin surface, and eliminate oily spots, making the skin white and shiny.

  3. Exfoliation can also promote blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, make the cells regenerate more smoothly, and the skin appears fresh and soft.

  4. If you use exfoliating milk containing natural plants, it can completely dissolve the aging cells of the epidermal layer of the skin, which has a mild friction effect, can remove the aging cuticle of the epidermis and the melanin and acne that have agglomerated, improve the skin, and make the pores smaller and fine.

  Facial exfoliation optimization method Facial exfoliation and body exfoliation methods are very different. How do you love the face, remove the old exfoliation on your face, and let the soft skin appear?

Steps: Before exfoliating your face, it’s best to know your skin type.

Clean your face thoroughly, preferably after massaging and washing your face.

  1, the nose, forehead, chin area has the most oily horny, you can use an exfoliating scrub to gently rub the rough horny of these areas.

  2. When exfoliating, take off according to the growth direction of the skin. Do not use too much force and do not take off too much at once, in order to prevent skin rubbing or peeling and sensitivity.

  3. After exfoliating, the older cuticles and acne and melanin on the face will be removed more cleanly. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing so that it is not easy to dry and sensitive.