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How to stimulate your child’s creative potential

How to stimulate your child’s creative potential

Playing house is not just a game for children. In fact, it can help children become a creative thinker and a good learner.

Let your children get more imagination in proper toys and play!

There are too many toys for children!

There are so many things in the shopping malls. What kind of play can really stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, so that our children can become creative thinkers and learners?

  Toys that inspire imagination-the toys recommended here are far from being so high-tech, and not so expensive and beautiful, so that children enjoy themselves in creation and imagination.


Because it allows children to invent and create freely without instructions and boundaries, it is widely regarded as the perfect creative learning toy.

A recent study in the United States confirmed this. The researchers gave the tested families a set of wooden building block toys and some suggestions on how to play together, such as sorting by size or color.

Six months later, the children who played the building blocks scored 15% higher on the language development test than the group without the building blocks.

In addition to helping children master stacking skills, the blocks also lay the foundation for children to develop math, science, and space skills.

  Small musical instrument.

Children are happy to try drums, xylophones, bells and sand balls.

See, those toys that make music at the touch of a button become your child’s tirelessly making noise.

  Pretend to be home.

Find a box at hand with clothes, old cloth heads, and small accessories, such as scarves, capes, plastic swords, eye masks, hats, etc.

In this way, children can play a new role at any time.


Set aside a space for work, use a toy stick for rolling and a blunt plastic knife.

Children can constantly change new patterns in the process of flattening, cutting and sanding the loach.

  Art supplies.

Put crayons, markers, engraving mats, paper, paints, and glue sticks at home, and then put large newspapers to prevent messing up the floor.

The life that children create with color and lines begins.


Children like to beat or saw and saw. He may also like a medicine chest or a telescopic basket filled with toy food.


It allows children to see everything more closely-from a small bug to his own fingernails.

  plastic cup.

Choose different sizes so that when the child sips water from one cup to another in the bath, he learns the concept of more and less.

  More interesting and smart gameplay-building blocks, playing house is not the only way to release children’s creativity, you should jump out of your own box.

  Schedule an unattended time.

Allow at least 45 minutes a day for the child to play as he wants, and even this may reduce his other activities.

This time the child has the final say.

Children become more imaginative when they play by themselves.

  Become an adventure-loving family.

A new dish is introduced every week to make dinner even richer.

Go to another park in the city, rather than the old guide.

Walk home from kindergarten and point out interesting things you see along the way.

When you are curious and enthusiastic about the unknown world, you are setting an example for your children.  Inject new ideas into everyday life.

Let your child wash some empty milk boxes for you.

After doing that, ask him if he wants to pile them into a castle.

Insert the dried beans in the bottle and put them into the noise machine.

Or make puppets from old socks.

Soon your child will start to come up with his own creative play.

  Get out of the house.

Don’t have to go far to stimulate your child’s imagination.

Feel the different planes barefoot-the grass passing through, the hot sidewalk, the dry sand.