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Young people should pay attention to health


Young people should pay attention to health

Source: Zhang Guang 101 adjusts the pace of life to speed up, the pressure of young people bursts, and the body often makes trouble.

There is no doubt that the age of onset of more and more diseases is showing a decreasing trend.

According to the “2016 National TCM Health Index Research Report” jointly published by the Chinese Medicine Association and Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., the data shows: 20?

The 44-year-old resident’s disease status accounted for 23.

0%, 60?
The 80-year-old resident has a disease status of 12.


20?The 44-year-old is the stage of life learning and struggle. People in this age group often have a large number of physical exhaustion, which is extremely harmful to health!

Studying hard and striving for a career should not be based on the premise of sacrificing health!

For young people’s living habits, it is easy to lead to health problems. The big head suggests that you set five health goals first – why not stay up late and sleep for 7 hours. The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic mentions: At night (23 o’clock to 1 am)For the yin and yang conference, when the fire and water are handed over to Thailand, it is called “heyin”, which is the heaviest time of the day.

The yin is quiet, so sleep in the night.

Sleeping at this time helps the cells to change better and slow down the body’s aging rate.

The child is also the time when the meridians run to the gallbladder. If you miss the sleep during this time because of staying up late, the liver and gallbladder will not get enough rest, which can be expressed as rough skin, dark spots, yellow complexion and so on.

Progressive walks, or other aerobic exercises create opportunities to participate in physical exercise to help improve the spirit.

If you really don’t have time to exercise, don’t hinder the use of all kinds of up and down time to walk.

For example, some of them have been sitting for a long time, and they have turned around in the office building; take the subway, get off at two stops in advance when the bus travels, and walk for a while.

Chinese medicine believes that walking is the “ancestor of the hundred refining”, and the five internal organs are all related to the feet.

There are 51 acupuncture points below the toes, 15 of which are in the soles of the feet, so the feet are called the 鈥渟econd heart鈥?of the human body. Persistence in walking exercise is the exercise of adhering to the meridians and acupuncture points. Exercise health is the easiest way to obtain health.
Eating a slow-spoken lunch and chewing slowly can increase the amount of salivary secretion into the stomach. After the protein in the saliva is introduced into the stomach, it can react in the stomach to form a protein membrane that protects the stomach ulcer.

Therefore, people who eat slowly and eat slowly are generally not easy to get digestive ulcer disease.

The Chinese Residents Guide recommends 15?
20 minutes to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, about half an hour or so after lunch is a “heart time”, such as heart dysfunction will appear “chest chest pain, flustered sweat, boring, insomnia and forgetfulness” and other symptoms, so white-collar workersEvery day at noon, we should take 15 minutes to get rid of the heart.

It is not time-consuming to learn to restrain the dinner at night, so eating a lot of conversions will turn into misfortune.

Of course, these adults are also distributed in various parts of the body, such as: subcutaneous, blood, heart muscle, liver, etc., which cause cardiovascular diseases.

In the three meals a day, dinner should be eaten the least, which is the way to maintain health.