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[Drinking red is better than wine-]_ Dry red is good

[Drink red or wine?

】 _ Dry red is good

Red wine originates from foreign countries. Foreigners are very particular about red wine. They think that the sugar content in ordinary wine is very high. Everyone knows that the sugar content is very high. If it is too much, it can easily cause obesity.Therefore, after continuous improvement, dry wines with very low sugar content have been produced early, so is it better to drink dry red or wine?

Let ‘s talk about wine and wine.

Real wine is good for both the body and the body!

As long as it is not a special person who should control the amount of sugar absorption, as long as it is made from 100% grape juice, it is healthy.

Women’s wine is better than dry red1. Women’s wine is better than dry red. Relatively speaking, the beauty and health of wine is better.

General wine has the following beauty and health care effects: anti-wrinkle cleansing, delay aging: red wine is an alkaline alcoholic beverage, rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and other minerals, but also vitamin supplements.

Lose weight: There are 525 calories of transients per liter of dry wine, these changes are only equivalent to 1/15 of the average daily dose required by the human body.

After drinking, wine can be directly absorbed by the body, digested, and consumed in 4 hours instead of gaining weight.

Therefore, people who often consume dry wine can not only supplement the body’s required water and various nutrients, but also help to lose weight.

Lower blood pressure: High blood pressure is often considered a silent killer.

Absolutely, excessive alcohol intake increases the risk of hypertension in adults, and can even cause heart disease and stroke.

However, research has found that moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of hypertension or at least prevent blood pressure from rising.

2. Women should not drink wine with strong coffee. Some friends think that wine and coffee are both elegant and flirtatious, so they like to drink a cup of strong hot coffee after drinking wine.

In fact, drinking both together is not good for your health.

Basically, coffee contains caffeine, a moderate amount of which can bring excitement and refreshing effects, but if you drink it with wine and other alcohol, it can accelerate blood circulation, stimulate cardiovascular and brain, and affect the heart and brain belt.To hurt, so “fine wine and coffee” is a scientific alternative.

If you want to have both “good wine” and “coffee”, then you can still be separated. The interval between the two should be more than three hours.

3. Women who drink wine can not boast too much wine, which is not good for their health, but it will greatly harm human health.

It is said that health experts have researched that excessive wine is likely to cause damage to the nervous system of the human body, leading to consequences such as decreased memory, poor metabolism, and decreased judgment; excessive drinking may also stimulate the digestive system, causing diseases such as gastritis and gastric ulcers, and mayAggravate diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis.

The optimal amount of wine to be incorporated is related to the strength of physical activity.

The principle of wine purchase 1. The first principle is to abandon all the rules about how to buy red wine and follow your own instinct to choose.

Buying wine should be an artistic style that respects individuality. You can experiment more according to your own ideas and accumulate first-hand experience.

2. Pay attention to the wine label.

The label will tell you about the vintage, region, flavor and taste of the wine.

3. Don’t ignore alcohol.

For wine, 7.

5% -10.

5% is considered a relatively low alcohol content, 10.

5% -12.

5% is medium alcohol, 12.

More than 5% is a relatively high alcohol content.

According to the specific occasion and the amount of alcohol to drinkers to choose a more appropriate alcohol content.