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Eat more black rice to both lose weight and anti-aging


Eat more black rice to both lose weight and anti-aging

The most important thing for a beautiful woman is black rice.

Black rice is rich in nutrients and has been used as a nourishing health supplement since ancient times.

In terms of nutrients, black rice also has many advantages.

It contains a lot of carbohydrates, the protein is slightly lower, but the quality is better than other foods, slightly lower, but the rice embryo is rich in a small amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, in addition to B12, the B vitamins are rich,There are quite a lot of trace elements such as potassium, magnesium and iron, which are also much richer than white rice.


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銆€銆€Rich potassium: The content of potassium in black rice is 4 of ordinary rice.

4 times.

Potassium absorbs excess salt from the body and maintains a balance of water in the body.

And very good for the human body, to eliminate edema and fat.

銆€銆€Precipitated fiber: The content of precipitated fiber in black rice is very rich.

Supplemental fiber can promote intermediate laxation, increase satiety, suppress appetite, and help you lose weight.

銆€銆€Black rice has many benefits. How do women use it to serve weight loss? We recommend the following ways: homemade black rice slimming tea black rice tea practices: 1, black rice 400 grams.

2, black rice washed with water several times, so that the black rice tea brewed in the future will be clear and free of impurities.

3, washed black rice, must control dry water.

4, add washed black rice, stir fry for 5 minutes, let the water fully evaporate.

5, turn a small fire, slowly fry until the black rice cracked, revealing the white rice heart, this process is about 15?
20 minutes or so.

6, finally put the fried black rice in a sealed box to save.

Stir-fried black rice can smell the tempting aroma.

Every time you brew, remember to use 40 grams of black rice, add 500 grams of hot boiling water, and brew for 10 minutes, then you can drink the delicious black rice tea.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Drink black rice tea, it is able to resist the production of carcinogens, promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.

Especially for female friends, drinking black rice tea can also receive the effect of cooling and detoxifying, spleen and weight loss.

銆€銆€Black rice diet meal black rice does not need to use it as the only food, just need to change the staple food from white rice to black rice, the number is reduced by half, three meals a day to eat normally.

Of course, greasy and snacks are basically not edible.

In order to preserve more nutrients, black rice is often not processed like white rice, but is mostly eaten directly in the form of “alkaline rice” after shelling.

This thicker black rice is best for porridge instead of rice.

When porridge is cooked, in order to make it softer, it is best to soak it in advance to allow it to fully absorb moisture.

Soak in the summer for a day and night, soak in the winter for two days and nights.

Then cook in a pressure cooker and it takes about 20 minutes to eat.

In order to avoid the pigment contained in the black rice to dissolve the water in the soaking, it can be washed with cold water before the bubble, not to be simmered; the water used for the rice should be cooked with rice, which cannot be replaced to preserve the nutrients.

銆€銆€If black rice is cooked, the ratio of black rice to water is 1:2.

5, when cooking, first use a large fire to cook, it is best to open the lid, let the rice roll freely, or else there will be purple and black water everywhere, so that the water will not overflow, then turn to the smallest fire slowly,It’s about twenty to thirty minutes.

銆€銆€The three characteristics of black rice weight loss: 1, black rice is dark rice, tastes thicker.

Studies have found that starchy foods with a thick taste are more likely to feel full, not easy to eat too much, and are less likely to be hungry when eating the same amount.

銆€銆€2, black rice blood sugar concentration fiber, starch digestion rate is relatively slow, blood sugar index is only 55 (white rice is 87), therefore, eating black rice blood sugar rises slowly, does not cause blood sugar rise like white rice, reduce less replicationIt is less easy to synthesize cockroaches.

銆€銆€3, black rice is rich in minerals and vitamins, it is mainly eaten when losing weight, it is not easy to suffer from nutritional deficiency and lack of weight loss motivation.
In addition, black rice temperature, especially black glutinous rice, is not easy to suffer from cold body.
銆€銆€Matters needing attention: 1, black rice and black glutinous rice have a difference between black rice, also known as black rice, some people call it “medicine sputum”, black rice skin black, thin, slightly flat than ordinary rice.

銆€銆€Black glutinous rice is a rice with purple-red seed coat. Because rice is glutinous, it is also called blood glutinous rice. After the natural blood glutinous rice is soaked in warm water, the red pigment of the seed coat is slowly dissolved by the aqueous solution, and graduallyA purple-red aqueous solution appeared, and the red color became thicker as time passed.

銆€銆€2, 10 days to eat only black rice weight loss method is not worth promoting in general, people who insist on eating black rice, can successfully lose a few pounds a month.

However, in order to pursue rapid weight loss, some people only eat black rice for three meals, and 10 pounds and 8 pounds for 10 days.

This method is not worth promoting.

Although some people can successfully lose weight, more people will rebound soon.

And from a scientific point of view, no matter which kind of food, if you eat it every day, you will inevitably lose your appetite. Any natural food can’t provide all the nutrients your body needs.

Therefore, if you eat black rice porridge to lose weight, it is recommended to add a variety of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and orange-yellow vegetables, and do more outdoor activities.

When cooking vegetables, just put less oil or put sesame oil in the salad, without increasing the risk of getting fat.

銆€銆€In addition, it is best to add calcium tablets and other complex nutrient pills.

If you use this method for more than half a month, you need to add low-fat protein foods.

[鍚冮粦绫冲噺鑲ヨ娉ㄦ剰浠€涔堥棶棰榏 缃戝弸缁忛獙 鎴戞渶鑳栫殑鏃跺€欐湁158鏂ゃ€侷 think black rice is delicious, and you can lose weight if you insist on eating.

I bought a lot of back, and after eating the first month, I lost 20 pounds, and then I licked myself. I only eat black rice in the second month. (Of course, I still eat a little vitamin, and I drink some light salt water.).

It was only 120 pounds at a time, and I was happy to die.

But I dare not relax, because I have tried this weight before, but then I did not pay attention to the diet and rebounded.

Therefore, I plan to eat black rice ten days a month after the plan, and the weight loss is reduced day by day. I have only 98 pounds until now.

銆€銆€I didn’t have any exercise before eating black rice, but my friend told me that if I lost so much weight and didn’t exercise, the skin would be very loose, so I will exercise and become more solid at night, so it looks good.