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Nutritional analysis of five common breakfasts and recommendations for their health


Nutritional analysis of five common breakfasts and recommendations for their health

Breakfast must first contain two major types of food, namely starch (such as porridge, taro, bread, etc.) and protein (such as eggs, milk, tofu, etc.), of course, if time permits, plus vegetables and fruits is better.

On average, breakfast should not be too high and should account for 30% of all-day degeneration.

Furthermore, it is best to have milk in the breakfast. In addition to providing protein, milk is the main source of calcium.

There are 5 types of breakfasts that are common in daily life. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

銆€銆€Fritters + soy milk — the most full of this breakfast, the biscuits and fritters are staple foods, soy milk is plant protein, so these and protein-based foods have, basically able to meet the energy consumption of a morning.

Both the oil cake and the fritters are fried foods. Although the feeling of fullness will be more obvious after eating, they are more high, and those who are fatter are not recommended.

The standard size of the population, but also strive to do not more than 3 times a week.

At the same time, do not add too much sugar in the soy milk.

In addition, soy milk contains a lot of water, protein content is low, so you may wish to add an egg, or replace the soy milk with tofu brain, so the protein content is basically enough.

銆€銆€Green porridge + side dish — lack of protein porridge is a semi-liquid food, easy to digest and absorb, the elderly prefer.

Among all kinds of porridge, Laba porridge is the best. Several kinds of food can 鈥済et longer and shorter鈥?and improve the nutritional value of porridge.

However, there is no protein food in this breakfast, it is recommended to add a glass of milk.

銆€銆€Bread + milk — relatively healthy This is the choice of most office workers, the basic composition has.

Among them, bread is recommended to choose whole wheat bread, and the brakes absorb more fiber, which can lower blood fat and laxative.

If you are hungry in less than a morning, you can also add lettuce leaves, ham, cheese, and dough to the bread, and add some sugar to the milk.

銆€銆€Sandwich + burger — excess oil and fat These two foods are made up of meat, vegetables and bread, nutritionally enough, but the biggest problem is high oil content.

Meat, especially fried meat, is highly converted, so it is best not to exceed 3 times a week for this type of breakfast.

銆€銆€Vegetables + fruits — lack of energy This type of breakfast mainly includes fresh fruit, fresh juice, fresh juice and vegetable salad.

A variety of foods can provide both vitamins and certain supplemental fibers.

However, no matter how it is matched, such a breakfast is not reasonable enough, because it lacks sufficient energy and protein, can not meet the needs of the body’s “running”, and will continue to damage health, so it is not recommended to eat.