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What is simple vulvitis?


What are the symptoms of simple vulvitis?

What is simple vulvitis?
What are the symptoms of simple vulvitis?

For women, vulvitis is the simplest, common gynecological disease, then how many people know the symptoms of single-sex vulvitis?

I believe that many women are not very clear, in order to allow women to find early, early treatment of vulvitis disease, to avoid harm to female friends.

Gynecologists introduce to you, what are the symptoms of monosexual vulvitis?

The cause of simple vulvitis is that the main cause of simple vulvitis is that it does not pay attention to the health of the vulva and is caused by the following factors.

[1]vaginal secretions: due to excessive vaginal secretions or menstrual blood, menstrual pad stimulation, especially cervicitis and various vaginitis, secretions increased, flow to the vulva, resulting in varying degrees of vulvitis.

[2]Other stimulating factors: such as diabetic patients with direct stimulation of sugar-containing urine: urine bags for long-term dialysis by urine: fecal bag patients with diarrhea, they are stimulated by feces when they are thin: aphids are produced.

[3]mixed infection: due to various aspects of stimulation, often cause mixed infections, pathogenic bacteria are often Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli.

Symptoms of vulvitis 1. Vulvar symptoms: genital ulcer itching, pain or burning sensation, walking, labor, cycling, sexual intercourse, increased urination.

2, genital skin abnormalities: vulvar skin congestion and redness, excessive exudate, there are scratches, sometimes ulcers, skin ulceration or blistering, papules, eczema.

After a long course of disease, the skin thickens, rough, changes in color, and even skin splitting.

3, vaginal secretions: some female patients found that there are often increased vaginal discharge, showing yellow pus.

4, sexual intercourse pain: when the female vulvitis occurs in the vulva, or due to the appearance of abscess, resulting in high swelling and swelling of the vulva, long hair formation bloated, accompanied by dysuria, sexual pain and other symptoms.

5, redness and congestion: vulvitis will appear red and swollen in the acute phase, congestion, there will be itching, cracking, congestion, erosion and into a piece of eczema and other symptoms.

6, mucosal congestion: women with vulvitis may appear in the vulva skin and mucous membranes have different degrees of swelling and congestion, severe cases will have varying degrees of erosion and ulcers, or large patches of eczema and other symptoms.

7, genital itching: the most common symptom of vulvitis is genital skin itching, while burning and pain, especially in activities, sexual intercourse and urinating after aggravation.

What are the symptoms of simple vulvitis? In the above article, gynecologists have detailed the reasons for vulvitis and some common symptoms. I hope women will know each other and do active prevention and treatment.